School Council

Our aims are:

To keep Woodside a safe, happy learning school

To show respect to everyone at all times

To listen to everyone's views and make fair decisions

To make sure all visitors to our school are made welcome

To look after our school environment

Our Members

Reception - Anthony Watson and Emma Nicholson

Year 1 - Lewis Dyson and Harriet Stokes

Year 2 - Thiargo Holmes and Isla Wells

Year 3 - Hayden Freeman and Frankie Lees

Year 4 - Jessica Dodd and Christian Mawby

Year 5 - Ellis Orchard and Scarlet Thompson

Year 6 - Katie Lavender, Hannah Marshall and Alfie Matthews

Eco Team

Worship Committee

Year 3 - Holly Clark and Brian Gilliver

Year 4 - Charlie Garry and Maisie Watson

Year 5 - George Morris and Molly-Rose Owen

Year 6 - Samuel Kind and Amelia Atchison


                                                                                                                                               The Polesworth School.