School Building

Computer Suite

There are 20 computers in our ICT suite;every lesson we work in partners or we go on our own. We learn how to type, how to use specific programs and how to use word processing skills. We also have access to the internet and the Learning Portal. We have a timetable for the computer suite so we know which class is going in on each day and we can see when the room is free.

Next to the ICT suite is our library with a variety of books that everyone can take home and read. The library is open at lunchtimes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Everyone has to bring the books back when we are done with them. We get two or three weeks to read a book but we can renew a book if we haven't finished with it in that time.


There are 8 classrooms in our school; two Reception classrooms, one class for Y1/Y2, one class for Y2, and then one class for each of Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6. We also have a music room, parents room, hall and offices for the Head, Deputy Head and for the Secretary.

Each classroom is equipped with a bookcase, two computers and an interactive whiteboard.


In the office, there are pupil records and information. The school secretary sorts out our registers as well as carrying out many duties on behalf of the school. She answers all of the phone calls, organises supply teachers when they are needed, orders supplies and collects important data for the school. Without our school secretary, our school would not run as smoothly as it does!