Teaching Staff

All classes have the benefit of kind, caring teachers who are fully committed to helping children enjoy their learning and reach their potential. Class sizes vary from 20 to 37. Each class also has the support of a fully trained teaching assistant. Teaching staff all agree that this is a very happy school and they enjoy the support and teamwork which is evident across all classes.

Pupils' Views

Each class is represented on the School Council. The job of the School Council is to take the views of the pupils and present them to the Head and the other members of the council. All pupils are encouraged to speak to their council representative when they have any issues or concerns which they would like to raise at the next meeting.

When a pupil wants to serve on the council, s/he must prepare a short speech to explain to their class how they will best represent the needs of the class. Once they have listened to all of the candidates, pupils vote for their favourite. In this way, the School Council is made up of two members from each class.

This year, potential candidates from Y6 were asked to make their speech in front of the whole school. After a week's thinking time, a ballot was held in which the whole school were invited to vote for their Y6 council members.


The whole school has agreed upon many of the rules which govern our time at Woodside. These rules apply to pupils behaviour and appearance. However, within each class, the pupils will agree a further set of rules. These rules usually cover aspects of behaviour relating to how pupils treat each other, individual organisation and the way pupils speak to others in class and around the school.