A Balanced Diet

We are a Healthy School! We have food from all different food groups and each day there is a choice between four food options; red, green, lunch bar or sandwiches. Dinner is paid for each day. Alternatively, you can pay for the full week if you know that you will be requiring a cooked meal all week. We can bring in sandwiches from home, but these too should be healthy!

We celebrate special occassions with special meals! At Woodside we have a Chinese New Year meal, a Great British meal, and a traditional Christmas Dinner.

The Seating Plan

At 12:30, dinner time begins. The infants (reception, Y1 and Y2), dinners and lunch-bar children go in first. The sandwiches, who are the rest of the juniors, get called in when there is room. The dinners have to sit at certain tables so we can be served our scrumptious dinners. We can chat to our friends; we must eat their meal though. We don't have to eat everything as long as we eat a decent amount.

The juniors who are left, should all have sandwiches for their meal. We will come in before 1 o'clock so we can eat our sandwiches before 1:15. After we have eaten, we can play outside till 1:25. At 1:30, the teacher will return to the class to begin the afternoon's work.


In this school there is a healthy tuck shop. It is open every break time which is at 10:15.

It sells toast, muffins, fruit, milkshake and juice. There are two dinner ladies that prepare and serve all our meals. This food is mouth-watering and delicious. All this food is made and served in a clean kitchen, behind two wooden doors.