Exciting Lessons

Exciting lessons

We study literacy and maths every day as well as a wide variety of other lessons including, ICT, PE, IPC and music. Lessons are most exciting when we use drama, when we use opportunities for outdoor learning and when we use collaboration.

As often as is possible, our lessons are complemented by visit and/or visitors.


The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) encourages us to express our feelings about our learning. It incorporates history, geography, art and DT and gives us a chance to learn in a cross-curricular way. The themes always begin with a dramatic entry point activity and these are always fun!

Physical Education

In PE we use lots of different equipment to explore and strengthen our muscles. Every session begins with warm-ups and ends with cool-downs to make sure that we are working safely. These sessions are often led by our very capable Sports Leaders - a group of Y5/6 pupils who have been specifically trained to lead games within lessons and at lunchtimes.

Not only do we exercise the muscles in our arms and legs, we also exercise our learning muscles. Imitating, Collaboration, Absorption, Revising and Perseverance are all skills which we need to use to develop our independence as learners and to help us make the most of every learning opportunity.