Outdoor Learning

School Field

The field provides an excellent learning space to learn new sports skills. With space to run, space to breathe and with space to have fun, it is always a treat to have P.E outside. Housed upon the field is our very own running track. This is used during PE lessons and during our annual sports day.

Our creative teachers also make use of the school field during other lessons. Classes can be seen outside exploring the habitat for science, looking at the setting for narrative writing and using the large space to create and sort groups in maths. We thoroughly enjoy these lessons because we feel like we can develop our muscles physically and mentally.

The Hut

We are very lucky to have a purpose built hut on our KS2 playground. This wooden structure provides a perfect place for meeting our friends during break and lunchtime.

It also offers an extra learning space and a great starting place for further exploration of the many marking which adorn both of our playgrounds.


At the bottom of the field can be found our Adventure Playground. This incorporates a set of tyres, a cargo net and a log bridge. The apparatus is used by children of all ages during PE and also during the summer months when it is operated on a rota basis during lunchtime. The trail is just one of two impressive structures which can be found at the bottom of the field.

We were lucky enough to work with a prominent local artist to create a living willow sculpture which now sits on the field. It is made from willow interwoven with dogwood and looks a bit like an igloo! The sculpture has been designed so that it will grow and grow and become a stunning feature of our school for many years to come.