Indoor Lessons

Each day is divided into lessons and playtimes! We study maths, literacy, PE, RE and music. The teacher and the class set out the timetable for each day but some lessons have to be agreed with other classes according to when the room for them is free (like the ICT suite).

Most lessons take place in the classroom and each room has desk spaces and also a large carpet area so that we can move around when we need to.


As a Christian school, we have an assembly every morning. We also have a Celebration assembly each week during which merit badges and certificates are awarded and hard-working children are rewarded.

Play Time

We each have morning break, apart from Reception because they have the freedom to go outside during any part of their lessons across the day. Morning break is from 10:15 each morning and lasts for 15 minutes. It is supervised by a teacher and a teaching assistant.

We have 1 hour for lunch (12:30 - 1:30). This is plenty of time for us to eat and still have time to run around outside with our friends. Lunch time is supervised by a team of dedicated Mid-day Supervisors with one being responsible for each class in the school.