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Our School

Principally the school is set to match the needs of the children. Depending on numbers, a class may have more than one age range within its composition. As children work and progress at their own rate the teaching groups and organisation will vary in order to best meet their needs.

The classes for 2018-2019 are as follows:

Reception (Ash)

Mrs J Vincent and Mrs K Clarke

Year 1 (Holly)

Miss N Court

Year 1 / 2 (Maple)

Mrs M Sandland and Mr J Lavis

Year 3 (Larch)

Mrs E Beales

Year 4 (Chestnut)

Mrs N Bruntlett

Year 5 (Cherry)

Mr C Langley

Year 6 (Beech)

Miss V Smallwood

Full Staff List

The school recognises the vital role which organised homework can play in raising standards of achievement by pupils of all ages. The purpose of homework is to extend school learning , to consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding. A copy of the school's homework policy is available from the school office.

Consulting with parents

Parents are invited into school to discuss their children’s progress and work every term. In addition to this we send home a progress report at the end of the autumn and spring terms, which shows children’s attainment against national expectations and gives indications of their effort and contribution within class.
Towards the end of the summer term annual reports are sent to parents, prior to the final parents’ evening. If at any time parents wish to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher they are most welcome to make an appointment at the school office. The headteacher is also happy to see parents whenever necessary.


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